Fiber Optic Splicing

Advantages of fusion splicing

Data Tech Professionals provides Fiber Fusion Splicing installations in the state of Utah.

In comparison with other techniques for making fiber joints, fusion splicing has some substantial advantages:

No other method promises lower transition losses and weaker reflections. The resulting joints are very stable, i.e., no alignment needs to be maintained, and no dust can affect the joint. No parts or materials are required, except for protecting the fiber after splicing. At Data Tech we Fusion Splicing Fiber Optics to ensure your network will be stoppable.

What are the different types of fiber? (Coming Soon)

OM1 vs OM2 vs OM3 vs OM4 vs OS1 vs OS2

This article explains what the different fiber types are, when to use each, and performance summaries.

How to clean a Fiber Optic Connector (Coming Soon)

This Article teaches how to clean a fiber connector using AFL's one click fiber cleaner.

Utah Fusion Splicing Fiber Optic | Watch in full screen for HD viewing

Fusion Splicing Fiber Optic is the most reliable method for connecting fiber optics. In this video clip we show a 6 strand optical fiber cable being fusion spliced with factory pigtails. Each fiber optic strand is tested with an OTDR and or a power meter light source ensuring top performance for your network.